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a whole new world (don't you dare close your eyes) - ross [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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a whole new world (don't you dare close your eyes) [Jun. 9th, 2006|05:39 am]
[mood |drunkdrunk]
[music |the aladdin soundtrack (in my head)]

hi. it's me: ross. toni said i need a blog. so i guess this is it. i figure everybody wants to read about what i do and think, so here's your chance. i hope you enjoy it.

in my life:

toni, cedric (our kitty), and i just moved into a rowhouse in larryville. i like it so far. our neighbors are interesting. we even live two houses away from a very active member of lawrenceville united. i cant wait until we have our first run-in with them. she already saw black people in our house, so i guess we wont be here for long.

the house is kinda stinky right now. the previous tennants must have had a dog that liked to pee inside. and i think they smoked. the tennants, not the dog. we're going to shampoo the carpets pretty soon, though. and my sister gave us some potpourri as a housewarming gift. so that's helped make it bearable.

toni, josh dreds, and i are in the process of starting a workers' collective. we're going to try to build guitar effects pedals and, eventually, synthesizers. it's going to be a lot of work. but i think electronics are fun and interesting. plus we wont have a boss. i think this is called propaganda by deed. (in the original sense of the term.) i hope it works out. we had our first meeting the other night about what to make and how to get the supplies and whatnot. i am keenly aware of the fact that, because i play guitar and have done a bit of electronics work before, i have more knowledge of the product that we'll be manufacturing. it feels like this puts me in a position of authority already (when it comes to what we should make). this makes me a little uncomfortable. it feels like toni and josh are just deferring to my decisions. i did bring up working on the collective process at the meeting, but josh put it off ("let's get to the money"). perhaps next time. not to say that neither josh nor toni think it's important. i'm sure they do. but for the reason stated above and because i'm the only white man in the collective, i just feel weird about not having a process to check the authority that i feel i am exerting.

but, enough of that.

we just adopted two new kitties today! a two-month-old spayed female. she's a brown, black, grey, and white short-hair tabby. and her tail's only about an inch long (probably born like that). she wiggles and waggles that little nubbin and my heart melts because of the cuteness. toni is thinking about naming her pilar. or keeping the name daisy. (that's what the humane society called her.)

the other kitty is an eleven-month-old black spayed female. she is super friendly. always rubbing against our legs and arms. but she keeps sneezing, which kind of worries me. i have named her voltairine. after the anarchist/feminist writer/theorist voltairine de cleyre.

we dont know how cedric is going to handle two new buddies. he keeps hanging out outside of the rooms we're keeping the new kitties in. and he looks kind of down-hearted and has been meowing at me all night. i think he and pilar will get along well because they both like to play. and they never, ever like anything nice and easy. but i'm not so sure about how voltairine will take to either of the others. but hopefully it will all work out.

that's it for now.

bye bye.

[User Picture]From: brymbyl
2006-06-09 04:59 pm (UTC)
hi ross! building your own effects pedals, huh? we're starting up a collective recording studio/record label here in portland as we speak, called the trash factory.
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[User Picture]From: gimme_cookie
2006-06-10 04:38 am (UTC)
yeah, i hope it all works out. i hope your collective studio/label works out, too. if you want, we could probably make some studio effects/mixers for you once we get rolling. they'd be analog, but i always thought that was better than digital anyhow. and i'm sure we could work out some kind of collective deal so you dont have to spend too much.
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